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The meaning behind the 77th Pinfantry name (maybe a little more!)

Posted by Ruben Alvarez on

First off, thank you for checking out our online store, whether this is the first time or you have been rockin' with is regularly. We sincerely appreciate the time you have carved out of your day to spend with us. And Since we have officially just launched we figured it might be cool to let all of you know where we came up with our crazy brand name. 

1) The number 77 is actually the birth year of the head honcho, Ruben D. Alvarez a.k.a. RUFNEK 21. If the year was 1877, that would make me the oldest person on this planet and if it was 2077, I actually couldn't be here writing this piece, so the only logical explanation is that 1977 was a very special year in which GOD blessed planet earth with a beautiful Bastard swordsman (sorry if that sounds cocky, I have a little problem with boasting from time to time, so my wife tells me.) and I call myself a Bastard because I really am fatherless. :)

2) The word "PIN" in Pinfantry is pretty self-explanatory. I really felt it would be cool to have the word PIN camouflaged in the brand name like so many others in our community do with their brands, Not sure if that's corny or not to you, but Hey! it just made sense to let people know...YO! we make Pins!, don't ever get that twisted... Even though we definitely have plans on making so much more than pins. Enamel pins will always be the foundation of every design we make, if we don't make it in a pin, then you probably won't see it in the other products we make.

3) The word "INFANTRY" is a military term that basically means a group or body of soldiers that Fight on foot, using hand to hand combat, machine guns, grenades, swords and weapons basically using your hands. I live and die by military philosophies in my life, not because I was actually in the military but because the idea of being a soldier, fighting battles, using weapons and military strategy to survive is how I made it in this crazy life. I was born in a situation where I was supposed to follow the paths laid before me, a path of emptiness, leading to a road of defeat. I used the soldier mentality to win against all the things in this life that are constantly trying to defeat me from being victorious. Sorry to go off on that crazy tangent, but I'm just keeping it real with what goes on in my head. (Really!)

So to sum it all up if you're still with me, 77 is a special number to me because that is when I was created. I love Pins, and I love to design all kinds of cool stuff that I have been exposed to in my life and continue to be influenced by in some way form or fashion and because I have this crazy militant style which affects all of my perspectives. You throw it all together and you have the 77th Pinfantry Division.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little more and I really hope you enjoy the designs and ideas we bring to the table.

And if you don't that's ok too, we are not for everybody. 

Peace, Love, and Blessings until next time.

Ruben D. Alvarez a.k.a. RUFNEK 21


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Ben Garcia

March 12, 2019

Met you this past Saturday at Frank N Sons, I was in the Pin Plugged booth with Gabe and was lucky enough to get to hear a lil insight on your game and very strong hustle. It was very inspiring to get to hear how u move. I am now so interested in working for a boss like u and am willing to work hard enough to earn half of what u accomplished and earned through your dedication and hardwork. 91766

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